Why using Moneybookers?

Moneybookers was founded with a certain vision. That vision was to be that people from all over the world would be able to use Moneybookers for online transfers, and that the transferring of money would be very easy, fast and safe. The company worked very hard to accomplish this vision and it has resulted in the way Moneybookers works nowadays. To use Moneybookers you first have to create an account. One time only you need to fill out a form with personal and financial information so that Moneybookers does not have to ask you for it every time you want to make a transfer. When you have done this, you have an account. It is very important that you fund your account so that there actually is money on your account that can be wired to a recipient. Once you have done that you can start making transfers! But why should you use Moneybookers and not one of the other alternatives that are available, like for example prepaid cards? What are exactly the advantages that Moneybookers offers over other methods? That is exactly what you’re bound to find in this section of the website: why should you use Moneybookers?

First of all, Moneybookers is the fastest deposit or withdrawal method that you can use. Once you have credited your Moneybookers account, deposits from this account are transferred immediately. There is no more delay in getting your money from point A to point B, there is no more delay because a bank clerk has to process your payment order: you are the one that processes the order yourself and the money is instantly gone from your Moneybookers account when you wire money. To give you a small comparison: when you use a bank transfer to deposit money, it takes between 2 and 5 days to process the entire payment order. If you use a cheque, this is even longer: it is possible that you have to wait up to 12 (!) days before the money has reached its destination. But with Moneybookers, those problems are solved, because the money is being transferred in real time. And where you have to insert all kinds of personal and financial data, you do not have to do this at Moneybookers. Every payment order is given via email, so you don’t have to bring out all the briefcases with information anymore.

Second, Moneybookers is a lot cheaper to use than many other payment method. When you use a bank transfer to deposit money to the online casino of your choice you can pay up to €5 for transaction fees. The same applies when you use a cheque, and in this case you even have to pay for the postage! This is something of the past with Moneybookers, because charge you a fee of 1% of you transfer money, with a maximum of €0,50! This applies for domestic transfers, as well as for international transfers. Because every transfer is being performed via email this does not add any extra costs. Moneybookers can also be used for online shopping, whereas bank transfers and cheques can’t be used this way. Prepaid cards can be used, but they have a limited credit and can’t be recharged. So you have to go out and buy another one, and then again and again. You risk losing the card, so that you can’t use what credit is left on your card. With Moneybookers you don’t have any worries whatsoever. It is very cheap and you can use it for online shopping, without taking the risk of not being able to use your credit.

So Moneybookers is fast and it is cheap. One other aspect of online transactions, if not the most important aspect, is safety. The internet is a technology that has been around for about two decades, and it still is evolving. Horror stories of phishing, all types of fraud and some more stories frighten people about transferring money via the internet, while this is not necessary at all. On the contrary, security measures have been developed that are so good that is it impossible to steal your hard-earned money. Moneybookers only works with and supports with the high standard 128-bit SSL-encryption, which is the standard in the online banking industry. Online casinos are subjected to extreme severe demands before they can get a license to operate, and securing data with these kind of encryptions is one of the main demands.  The fact that Moneybookers only works with the highest standards is proof of a solid and secure process. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your money and if it will reach its destination. So when it comes to transferring money to your favorite online casino Moneybookers is the best choice you can make. It is very fast, it is very cheap, and most of all: it is very safe. No more worries about your online banking business: just the pleasures of it!