What is Moneybookers?

Moneybookers is a system that can be used to perform online transactions. It is a very clever system that makes sure that a user can send money to relatives, online shops or online casinos for that matter and doe this in a responsible manner. A lot of people do not trust the internet enough to deposit or withdraw money via this medium. A lot of different stories about fraud and online theft has made them afraid of performing online transactions, while this is absolutely not necessary. The technology has evolved so much in the last years that handling you financial business via the internet has been completely safe. A lot of different methods for online transactions have been founded in the last couple of years, like e-wallets and prepaid internet cards. Moneybookers can be seen as an e-wallet. All different methods for online transactions have their own advantages and disadvantages, and which method you choose depends on your own preferences. Some methods are not available to the great public because the service in question is limited to a certain country. Moneybookers however is available for an international audience, who do not hesitate to use it.

So how does Moneybookers work exactly? Moneybookers is founded on a certain philosophy, that online transactions should be easy and safe to perform and that everyone should be able to use it. This translates in a simple, but effective method of operating that is very easy to use. First of all, you have to register yourself at Moneybookers in order to open an account. This is necessary because Moneybookers wants to know who you are, and they need your personal and financial data to process your payment orders. So when you register you have to provide Moneybookers with this information, but you only have to do this once. After that, it is not necessary to repeat entering this information. After you have opened an account you are a Moneybookers member. You then have an account which you can use to perform online transactions. In order to purchase online, you have to wire money from your regular account to your Moneybookers account, so that you have money to spend. When you want to deposit money you select Moneybookers when you choose a payment option, after which you can fill out a deposit form. It is very easy to use, which we shall explain.

First of all it is necessary to find out if the casino that you are depositing to accepts Moneybookers as a payment method, which is not the case with all online casinos. However, the majority of the bigger online casinos do accept Moneybookers as a payment method, because of the fact that it is being used by an international audience. When you want to deposit money you just fill out a very simple form that appears on your screen. Information as the name of the company, the amount you want to deposit or withdraw, etc. has to be filled in before the transfer can be sent. After you have done this the payment order is processed immediately so that the sum of money directly is transferred from your Moneybookers account. This is very convenient if you are depositing money on your casino account, in this way you do not have to wait for a long period of time before you can play. There is no more delay in wiring your money from  your bank account to your casino account, all that is made possible by Moneybookers! The company uses the latest 128 bits SSL-encryptions to ensure that your transfer is being secured in a fashionable manner.

Moneybookers is one of the most safe, most fast and most easy to use methods for wiring your money to a third party using the internet. One of the main objections of using any other method like a credit card or prepaid internet card is that the payment is not processed fast enough. It is a common complaint that players have to wait several days before they can play their casino games because of some lag in the transfer process. Moneybookers has eliminated that delay and is currently one of the fastest methods around. So why Moneybookers? We have summed it up for you:

  • It is fast: your money is transferred immediately
  • It is safe: the latest technologies are used to secure your payment (128 bits SSL-encryptions)
  • It is easy: Every step that you have to take is very simple
  • It does not cost very much: the only thing you have to pay is a small percentage (1.9%) from your uploaded money when using certain uploading methods

If you want to play online then we advise you to find an online casino that is to your liking and that accepts payments with Moneybookers. This way you are sure that your banking affairs are being handled in a correct manner.