Moneybookers Casino Bonus

All the online casinos that are mentioned on this website have one thing in common: they want to grow as hard as possible and make a good profit. For this to happen they need more players to come and play within the walls of their online casino. But players are not easy to get, although each day new players emerge in online casinos. Casinos have found different ways to attract players to their casino floor, and that is with the promise of a bonus. There are different kinds of bonuses, but the bonus most used is the match bonus. That is a bonus that is a percentage of the first deposit that you make. The different bonuses and their amounts are listed underneath, so that you can make a choice that is suited to your likings. Good luck!


The Bwin Casino has decided to offer newly registered players a bonus. This bonus is given in the form of a match bonus, as discussed above: the casino gives you a percentage of the first amount of money that players deposit on their account. Bwin Casino gives the players a bonus of 50% on the first deposit that a player makes, which can lead up to €200. This bonus money can’t be collected right away: if that were the case then none of the bonus money would ever be spent in an online casino. Players are obligated to bet the amount of bonus money a couple of times in the casino before they can collect it. And that is not so hard, considering the games players can play in the Bwin Casino. This extra credit gives you some more time to spend in the world of this online casino and extends your chances of winning that big prize that you want so bad. Just imagine how long you can play along with the extra €200 that you receive when you are a new player. And that’s not it: you can collect Market points while you’re playing for real money. These are bonus points, and when you have enough of them you can exchange these for more credit! So it pays to play! And if you collect enough points then you even could receive an invitation to join the B’inside Members Program… What’s not to like?

Europa Casino

When you register as a new player at the Europa Casino then you are rewarded handsomely. You are entitled to the staggering amount of €2400 as bonus money! That is an absurd amount,  so this is how it works: the bonus at this online casino is divided into three parts. The first part consists of a bonus that is a percentage of an amount that a player deposits. Europa Casino offers a 100% over the first amount per month that you make, which can lead up to €100 per deposit. Taken over an entire year this  results in €1200 per year. The second bonus is a so-called high roller bonus. If you decide to deposit €1000 or more for your first deposit then the casino offers you a €500 bonus. This is a onetime only-bonus. The third part of the bonus is a loyalty bonus. If you keep playing at the Europa Casino you receive a bonus of €25 per week. All parts together the offered bonus is €2400. The casino also offers different kind of promotions for existing players. If you want the most up to date  promotional activities then we recommend that you check the website of the casino regularly. And if you play well enough it is possible to join the Members Club of the Europa Casino. This is a club where only the most loyal players are allowed, but it brings a lot of advantages with it!

888 Casino

When you start to play at the 888 Casino you receive a bonus as a sign of gratitude. In total, you can collect €900 of bonus money, which you can spend at the online casino. This is a little bit of extra credit so that you can play your favorite game a little bit longer at the 888 Casino. How does this bonus work? The bonus is given in the form of a percentage of the first amount of money that you deposit on the account at the casino. After that, you can receive different discounts and other promotional agreements, which add up to an amount of €900 for playing at the 888 Casino. And there is even more. If you are a serious player and you do not mind to spend some money at the casino, then you can apply for a membership of the VIP-club. Keep in mind though, that this membership is not for everyone. So what do you have to do to become a member? You have to have collected 150.000 bonus points and have made a minimum deposit of €2500 in the time that you have been playing at the casino. It gives you access to all kinds of bonuses!

Spin Palace Casino

Just as any other online casino the Spin Palace Casino tries to attract new players every day with the help of an attractive bonus. And the Spin Palace Casino can say that their bonus is very attractive, because they offer new players up to €1000 of bonus money. This bonus is divided into five different parts. The first part is a 100% match bonus, which means that the new registered players receives a percentage of the first amount of money that they deposit on their account. In this case the bonus is 100% which can lead up to €150. The second part is again a match bonus, this time with the worth of 25%. This can lead up to €125. The third part is once again a match bonus of 50%, which can lead up to €100. The fourth part of the bonus consists of 100 free spins that you get for playing the Tomb Raider Slot on each and every Sunday for 52 weeks. And the last part of the bonus is to celebrate your one year anniversary with the Spin Palace Casino: you get a 100% match bonus that can lead up to €105. All this amounts to a grand total of €1000 worth of bonus money. And when you start to play you automatically join the Players Club. You start receiving Player Points as you play for money. These are extra bonus points that you can collect along the way. When you have received enough points you can exchange these for all kinds of goodies! The most used exchange is extra credit, so that you have another shot at that big jackpot…


New registered players at the Intercasino are entitled to their welcome bonus. After all, it is a very special day, the first day that you can start to play in the Intercasino! The bonus that you receive  consists of $225 which you receive in the form of a match bonus of 100%. This means that the Intercasino doubles the amount that you first deposit on your account with the casino, up to the sum of $225. If this is not enough for you as an enthusiastic player you can always try to join the VIP-Club of the casino. This is not for everyone and it is not very clear what the conditions for membership are… But the Intercasino will contact you if they value you as a VIP. Another way is to earn 20000 Cashback points in 30 days. Cashback points are bonus points that you earn as you are playing for real money. Once collected, you can hold on to them until you have enough points to trade in at the webshop for extra credit.  This means that you can spend extra time at the Blackjack Table, your favorite slot or video poker game! Life sure can be great…