Europa Casino

In contrary to its name, the Europa Casino is not only suited for players from this continent. One of the features of online casinos is that they are accessible via every computer connected to the internet, even those from other continents. Europa Casino is a online casino that has a lot of experience in the online business. The website of the casino is very clear and does not confuse players with a lot of commercials. It is a casino where they offer you as a player a lot of choices when it comes to playing casino games. First of all you can make a choice about whether you want to play a game for free or a game for real money. Another choice you get to make is whether you want to download software to play in the casino or if you want to play an instant game. Both types of games have their own advantages and disadvantages, but what is the best type of game for you depends on your own preferences. Downloaded software ensures a more stable connection to the servers of the casino, but if you like a quick play then an instant play is more suitable.

Free Casino Bonus at Europa Casino

When it comes to playing casino games the Europa is very well equipped. First of all you can play all the classic casino games that a casino knows. Blackjack and Roulette both are casino games that are very popular over the entire world, and can be played in every casino. When you think of a casino those are most likely to be the first two games that you think of. But those are not the only playable games. Baccarat is another game that is very popular and is playable in a few different styles. Punto Banco is the most played type of Baccarat in online casinos, just as American and French Roulette are the most played types of Roulette. Another type of casino game that is very popular is the slot. There are different type of slots that a player can play, but the bonus slots, the jackpot slots and the classic slots are the most popular ones. Bonus slots offer the player a bonus experience in the form of a extra bonus game or a money prize. But the big prizes can one win at the jackpot slots, where players can win the progressive jackpot. Keno is another popular game that one can play at the Europa Casino. And let’s not forget video poker!

When you register as a new player at the Europa Casino then you are rewarded handsomely. You are entitled to the staggering amount of €2400 as bonus money! That is an absurd amount,  so this is how it works: the bonus at this online casino is divided into three parts. The first part consists of a bonus that is a percentage of an amount that a player deposits. Europa Casino offers a 100% over the first amount per month that you make, which can lead up to €100 per deposit. Taken over an entire year this  results in €1200 per year. The second bonus is a so-called high roller bonus. If you decide to deposit €1000 or more for your first deposit then the casino offers you a €500 bonus. This is a one time only-bonus. The third part of the bonus is a loyalty bonus. If you keep playing at the Europa Casino you receive a bonus of €25 per week. All parts together the offered bonus is €2400. You can make deposits in different kind of ways. Moneybookers is one of the options that you have when you want to deposit money to the casino.

Free Casino Bonus at Europa Casino

One can use Moneybookers because it is the most secure, the most speedy and most easy to use method we can find at this online casino. When you want to deposit using your credit card it takes days before the money is deposited. When you use a bank transfer this is not much faster. When you use Moneybookers the processing time is eliminated, which is the reason that thousands of people worldwide use Moneybookers for their online transactions. The latest encryption technologies are used to secure private information and the system is very easy to use. You fill out your information once and from that point on you only have to send an email to transfer money. Europa Casino is an online casino that has taken care of everything important in such a manner that it shows us that they are trustworthy. When you play at this online casino you don’t have to worry about your safety and money: you can just relax and enjoy the games. Enjoy your bonus and lay back, let the fun begin and take you through the night. Europa Casino gets a two thumbs up from this website!