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Moneybookers is founded on a very clear philosophy: it wants to be the first universal destination for enabling the most secure and convenient digital money transactions helping people and businesses to connect at anytime, anywhere in real time. So the services of Moneybookers should be accessible to everyone and the want people to be able to perform safe, easy and fast transactions. It is not a very hard concept to grasp, but we can understand that people might have questions about how this concept is translated into practice. If you have any questions at all about Moneybookers you can try to find an answer in the FAQ-section. If your question is not answered there you can reach Moneybookers at with the following contact information:

Welken House
10-11 Charterhouse Square
London EC1M 6EH
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 870 383 0232
Email: via the question form on the website

Fax UK: 0870 922 3274
Fax USA: 509 271 5556
Fax Germany: 032 211 0899 0014
Fax Netherlands: 020 524 8418
Fax France: 01 5301 0809
Fax International: +1 509 271 5556 / +44 870 922 3274

We hope that after reading through this website you don’t have any questions left, but if you do then do not hesitate to contact the employees of Moneybookers!