Bwin Casino

When you are looking for a online casino where you have the possibility to do something else besides playing casino games the Bwin Casino is the place to be in that case. Bwin Casino is worldwide known for its wide variety of gaming possibilities. The mother company of this online casino has a lot of experience in providing online entertainment, and that shows on the website of Bwin. For example in the choices that you can make when it comes to playing. At the Bwin Casino you have the possibility to download some software when you want to play, but you can also choose to play an instant game. The same choice applies to the type of game: do you want to play a game for free, or do you want to earn some money and play a real game? A lot of players play a free game to sharpen their skills or try new tactics. The website itself is not to flashy, it is focused on that thing that it is all about: online gambling. And of you get tired of playing casino games then there is always the possibility of visiting the Bwin Bookmaker or the Bwin Poker Room.

The Bwin Casino has a very wide array of casino games that you can play here. When you visit an online casino nowadays there are certain games that are bound to be present, such as Roulette and Blackjack. Both of these games can be played at this online casino, and in different styles. You can play French Roulette or you can play American Roulette. Another game that is present is Baccarat. The most played type of Baccarat is Punto Banco, which you can play here as well. And of course there are many different slots. All slots are based on a different theme and have different features. There are bonus slots, in which you can experience a bonus in the form of a mini game or a bonus prize. And jackpot slots have progressive jackpots, what basically means that the players themselves are filling the jackpot. People who like video poker can play at this casino too. Video poker is a mix of playing on a slot machine and playing poker: it plays like a slot, but you have to collect poker hands in order to win. Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, All American: all types are playable here.

Each day a new online casino pops out in the open, and needs to establish a name for itself in the business. The new casino wants to attract people to its playgrounds, something that is not so easy when you’re only one click of the mouse away. So online casinos found a way to attract new players, and that is to offer the new players a bonus which they can spend in the casino. The Bwin Casino has also decided to offer new players a bonus. This bonus is given in the form of a percentage of the first amount of money that players deposit on their account. Bwin Casino gives the players a bonus of 100% on the first deposit that a player makes, which can lead up to €200. This bonus money can’t be collected right away: if that were the case then none of the bonus money would ever be spent in an online casino. Players are obligated to bet the amount of bonus money a couple of times in the casino before they can collect it. And that is not so hard, considering the games players can play in the Bwin Casino.

To deposit money to your account at the casino you can use various methods. One can pay with a credit card, one can use a prepaid card, or one can use an e-wallet. One of the e-wallets that players can use is Moneybookers. This is a very easy method for transferring money to your online account, so that you can play fast in this online casino. Once you have sufficient funds in your Moneybookers account then you can sent a transfer order via email to the recipient. Once the recipient has accepted the order the money will be instantly processed and the money will be transferred. This means no more waiting time. We consider Moneybookers to be the most quick, safe and easy method for transferring money online. If you have any questions at all you can reach the help desk of the Bwin Casino via phone or email, and they will provide you guaranteed with an answer within the next 24 hours. So as you can see it is very clear why we have placed the Bwin Casino in our list of high standard online casinos. There are a lot of choices that you can make, a lot of games can be played here en money transferring has never been easier!