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Welcome to the website of! If you found this website it means that you are interested in playing at online casinos, where you can go hunting for that big prize. Casinos are places where people go to for playing certain games, while having a chance at winning a certain prize. Centuries ago the first places that could be seen as a casino opened their door for the public. People enjoyed the possibilities and started to invent games themselves. Some were successful and can still be played in every casino. Others were not so fortunate and were never successful. Today there is not a single casino in the world where you can’t play Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat. These three games are the basic structure of every casino around and they can be played in every casino there is. A few decades ago you had to leave the comfort of your own house when you wanted to play a casino game. These games could only be played in the actual casinos and people had to visit these in order to win money prizes. It took time and especially effort to travel down to the casino, but there was no other possibility if you wanted to play. That changed with an upcoming technology called the internet. The technology was originally an communication network for a few American universities, but quickly became a worldwide used medium for a wide array of different features. One of the new features was the founding of the first online casinos at which you could play without leaving your own home: you only had to switch on the computer.

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Online casinos have not been around for a long time, but they have gained numerous players in the past couple of decades. The possibility of playing casino games at your own house with the same chances of winning big prizes as is the case in a real casino was very appealing to a lot of players. With that being said, it is not surprising that online casinos attract new players every day.  And every day new features and other improvements are made to simplify online gambling and increase the joy of playing in online casinos. Examples of such improvements are the possibilities of live gaming (in which the player follows a real life game in a real casino, and plays along on the internet) of playing casino games on a mobile device. All of these improvements are made to ensure that players choose online gaming over the playing in an actual casino, where people physically have to go to. One other improvement that was developed for online casinos has to do with payment options. Before you can win money, you actually have to be able to bet it in an online casino. This can be done by depositing money on your account with the online casino. There are several ways in which you can deposit money. Examples are using a credit card, using a bank transfer or using a prepaid card. All of these measures have their own advantages and disadvantages, which triggered a company to develop a new payment method: Moneybookers!

Moneybookers casino is what is being called an e-wallet casino. It is a digital account where you can deposit money from your regular bank account. But why would you do that? Why not transfer the money from your bank directly to the online casino? The biggest reason is speed. When you use a method such as a credit card or a direct bank transfer, what you actually do is give the bank an order to pay the online casino. This order has to be received, and then processed. This is a process that can take up to a few days, something that can be very annoying when you want a quick play. When you use an e-wallet you take out this processing part. You already transferred the money to an online account, and you have the absolute control. When you spend money from an e-wallet it is directly transferred without any delay. Moneybookers is a tool that transfers the money directly to the recipient without any delay, so that you can play instantly at the online casino of your choice. Furthermore, Moneybookers is a very safe method to use because they use the latest technology for data-encryption, so that no one can has access to that data. Another advantage of Moneybookers is that it is a very easy method to use. One could say it is foolproof, and even if there are any difficulties these can be resolved easily with the help of the frequent asked questions and the help desk.

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At this website you can find everything you need to know about Moneybookers and how to use it. You can find here what Moneybookers actually is, why you should use it, information about deposits and withdrawals, the bonus that you receive when you use Moneybookers at certain casinos, and some frequently asked questions. And if you want to contact Moneybookers the contact information is also given. Moneybookers is a payment method that is used worldwide and at a lot of websites. However, not every online casino supports the use of Moneybookers. That is the reason that we have selected a few of the very best online casinos where Moneybookers can be used to deposit money. The selected casinos can be seen as the top of the bill and are internationally known for their high standard quality. For each of the selected online casino a review can be found on this website. The selected casinos are the Bwin Casino, the Europa Casino, the 888 Casino, the Spin Palace Casino and the Intercasino. Each and every one of these casinos have their own character which appeals to certain players. New players are rewarded with a bonus to spend at playing casino games. We wish all players a lot of success when playing in these casinos and we hope that all information necessary for playing can be found on this website.